Fanø 2011

27 Mar

How is British Section science similar to the French Section?

27 Mar

We mark work out of 20 and have conseils de classe every term.

We use the same laboratories for practical lessons but theory lessons are in British Section classrooms at 25 and 27 Cromwell Road.

International GCSE

We teach Edexcel International GCSE in Biology, Chemistry and Physics over two years which have exams at the end of seconde. There are two papers for each course:

  • Paper 1 is 120 minutes long and scores 120 marks
  • Paper 2 is 60 minutes long and scores 60 marks

Paper 2 asks questions about the entire course; Paper 1 asks questions about most of the course (some advanced subjects are missed off). You can download past papers from the Edexcel site, but not many as this qualification has only been going for a couple of years.

There is no coursework and no practical exams, although the exam papers ask about practical skills, including measuring and designing experiments. For this reason we do a lot of practical work with our pupils.

Edexcel’s textbooks are very good and have everything you need.




Mr Burgess.